Christian Science Nurse Supervisor

Sunland invites Christian Science nurses to join our team!

Sunland Home is at a unique and exciting place in its path forward. With commitment to the Christian Science Nursing Arts program, we are in need of strong leaders to help nurture and grow our Christian Science Nursing department.

We embrace teamwork and collaboration at Sunland...the opportunity to expand your Christian Science nursing practice is endless!

Candidates should exemplify the “Christian Science Nurse” bylaw, have strong ethics, have a variety of Christian Science nursing experience, and bring a sense of unity to the high standards of Christian Science Nursing.

This opening is ongoing and permanent listing.

Education & Experience

  • Must have completed a structured training program by an accredited training body or its equivalent. (i.e. Successful completion of the Christian Science Nursing Arts IV class and had sufficient mentoring as a Supervisor.
  • Journal-listed Christian Science nurse actively demonstrating the Church Manual By-Law “Christian Science Nurse.”
  • Christian Science class instruction
  • 1-2 years experience in a facility with substantial experience with a variety of care needs and care situations.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Imbibes the qualities found on page 395 of Science and Health, “. . . cheerful, orderly, punctual, patient,
    full of faith, ‒ receptive to Truth and Love.”
  • Member of The Mother Church, and active society or branch church member.
  • Expresses a commitment to the healing mission of the Christian Science movement through daily study of the Christian Science Bible lesson, the Bible, and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy
  • Represents a CS nursing practice consistent with all CS nursing standards established by The Commission for Accreditation of CS Nursing Organizations/Facilities, Inc.
  • Must possess strong verbal, written, and communication skills.
  • Has a proper understanding and demonstrates the ethics needed for Christian Science nursing
  • Ability to follow established organizational processes.
  • Good command of essential computer usage.

Essential Functions & Duties

  • Maintains a cheerful, supportive disposition towards patients and supports the healing atmosphere of Sunland Home as a “refuge for the so-called sick.”
  • Is spiritually prepared, not only for their duties of the day, but also metaphysically supports Sunland Home, the harmony, order, and unity of the CS nursing floor, and Christian Science nursing.
  • Is an integral part of the leadership of the organization and observes/respects the policies and practices in place.
  • Nurtures all CS nurses, helps lead and mentor their CS nursing team each shift, and assists with orientation for new/temp CSNs.
  • Has the ability to initiate progressive steps with patients and to encourage daily activities to improve quality of care.
  • Ability to facilitate fire drills and evacuations, respond to emergencies and sudden needs.
  • Makes out fair and balanced floor schedules, ensures CS nursing care is being completed in a timely manner as well as side duties, and ensures change of shift meetings begin promptly and have proper reporting ethics.
  • Assists with lifts, turns, bandages and other CS nursing care situations to meet the needs of the floor.
  • Understands requirements for Medicare oversight and ensures that floor schedules reflect JLCSN requirements.
  • Resolves differences and conflicts on the CS nursing floor and is able to communicate graciously with family members/visitors in a variety of circumstances.
  • Follows OSHA, HIPPA and other ethical and legal/regulatory guidelines.
  • Performs essential functions of communication, including the telephone system, charting, following care plans, and communicating with CS nurses, mentors, ADCSN, DCSN, and ED.
  • Maintains a calm but efficient and professional demeanor at all times, particularly in sudden need situations.
  • Attends and encourages others to support CSN meetings, in-services etc., contributes to the vitality
    and productivity of meetings and is familiar with the CS Nurses’ Handbook, Employee Handbook, and written policies that are issued periodically
  • Contacts DCSN/ADCSN/ED with admission inquiries and assists with admissions/discharges as directed.
  • Reflects order and grace in appearance and dresses in accordance with Sunland Home’s Dress Code

Physical & Special Requirements

  • Able to carry, bend, stoop and kneel, and assist patients to change positions.
  • Regularly lifts 25 pounds.
  • Walk distances and sustain long hours on feet.
  • Understands the special needs of a 24/7 facility and is available and willing to work a variety of shifts and days.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.

Duties and responsibilities may be added, deleted or changed at any time at the discretion of management, formally or informally, either verbally or in writing.

Please don't hesitate to call to inquire about more information.

Please contact Brooke Enoch, Director of Christian Science Nursing.  You may call her at (760) 944-2976 or email her in the form below.

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