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Christian Science Nursing Arts Training Program at Sunland

“The nurse should be cheerful, orderly, punctual, patient, full of faith – receptive to Truth and Love.”

–  Mary Baker Eddy

While the expression of Christian Science nursing begins in individual consciousness, the Christian Science Nursing Arts training program supports the student’s metaphysical growth and maturity needed to be a true blessing in this work and to meet the requirements of the Manual By-law, Article VIII, Section 31 and Mrs. Eddy’s standard of excellence.

Sunland Home’s training program offers both an entryway to a ministry of Christian Science nursing and an environment for experienced Christian Science nurses to develop their practice.

Although the mission of Sunland’s Christian Science training program is specific to its participants, the vision of the training program expands beyond the walls of Sunland Home to support the development and training of Christian Science nurses and their ability to support the San Diego Christian Science community.

Having the availability of this program at Sunland assures the highest level of Christian Science nursing skill through inspired training, mentoring, and continuous learning.


quote marks grayLove is always at work, unfolding Her constant care and perfect plan for Her beloved creation. Each day I learn more about what it means to spiritually and practically minister to our fellow brother and sister in need, while knowing the perfection and immortality of God’s beloved idea. I am so grateful and have so much to share with others.

quote marks grayI’m so grateful for Mary Baker Eddy’s lifelong faithfulness to Truth which revealed Christian Science and delivered Christian Science nursing to the world. My metaphysical preparation and the excellent training have established a solid foundation of sound ethics linking to the By-Law which governs my Christian Science nursing activity. I’ve been supremely blessed by the divine guidance which has so clearly prompted me to take up this lovely ministry of comfort and healing for the benefit of my fellow man. The harmonious unfoldment has been a lovely expression of the magnitude of divine Love. I’m blessed each time I enter a patient’s room, as I stand in the presence of God and behold the perfect man. I’m so grateful to be part of the wonderful community at Sunland Home.

quote marks grayWords can’t explain my gratitude for Sunland Home for the love and care and effort they’ve put into my Christian Science Nurse training, for the deep sense of love and nurturing they bring to staff and patient alike, and for the joyous atmosphere that surrounds all who enter the halls and hearts of Sunland. How dear it is to be a part of this community, working out God’s purpose daily, bringing the Christ-like touch to our fellow man. In the past I never could have imagined myself in this role, but now I realize that for many years God had been preparing me for this, and all I had to do was to learn to listen. I love that my unique purpose is God’s unique purpose for me. It helps me understand better how we reflect Him.

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Experience Selfless Joy and Nurturing

An introductory Christian Science Nursing Arts I class is offered at Sunland Home in support of dedicated members of The Mother Church as they meet the requirements of the Church Manual By-law (p.47).  This course addresses the spiritual ministry of Christian Science nursing and its role in and support of healing.

Ethics, sound judgment, and the art of Christian Science nursing are taught along with spiritual qualities essential for ministering to the patient.  Practical skills are taught to provide light assistance for the needs of nourishment, cleanliness, comfort, mobility, communication, rest, and surroundings.

If Christian Science nursing seems right for you please call Jen Francis, Acting Director of Christian Science Nursing.

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