Levels of Care

Christian Science nursing is based on a Christian foundation of understanding that healing is possible through God’s love of all of His children.  Christian Science nurses demonstrate this tender care of God for His creation through the presence of their spiritual reassurance and attending to physical needs.

Sheltered Living

gray quotes smallOne early evening as I was taking a walk around Sunland the lights were on in the Sun Room. I looked in to see a nurse helping a patient with her dinner. The scene was so lovely, the patience and care obvious, and smiles. I feel comfortably at home living at Sunland. My joy is full.

gray quotes smallMy dear friends, I want to thank you for the joy of staying at Sunland this past weekend. I was in need of a quiet place to pray and study, and you provided it. I truly felt the healing Christ expressed by every staff member. Thank you all for making my stay absolutely perfect in every way, with deepest gratitude.

gray quotes smallWords cannot express my deep gratitude for the calm, yet joyous healing atmosphere surrounding my two plus weeks stay. I rejoice in the healing of the physical belief, of course, but most importantly is the change of thought that took place due to uninterrupted days of deep study of the Bible and our dear Leader’s writings – a priceless gift!

Sheltered Living at Sunland Home provides an uplifting sense of community with others actively engaged in the study and practice of Christian Science.  Staffed by Christian Science nurses, Sheltered Living provides:

  • The comfort of spiritual joy and friendship
  • Light assistance to those needing a supportive environment
  • A vibrant atmosphere with convenient access to San Diego’s abundant cultural and outdoor offerings
  • A spectrum of daily activity

Housed in the East Wing of our lovely coastal inspired building, each resident of the Sheltered Living community has a private bedroom, bath, and small patio. Residents may wish to bring familiar furniture and linens or perhaps just a favorite chair. Others may desire a simple move to an attractive, fully furnished residence.

An inviting garden room for dining, relaxation, and group activities as well as a charming outdoor courtyard are included.  As a resident of the Sheltered Living community, one is encouraged to be as independent as possible. Christian Science nurses continually assess needs and provide light care including assistance with bathing and dressing.  Weekly housekeeping and laundry services are provided.

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Inpatient Christian Science Nursing

Sunland offers multiple levels of Christian Science nursing care which depends upon the need and appropriate skill-level of Christian Science nurses required to provide proper care.

Christian Science nursing care includes:

  • Ensuring a safe environment
  • Assessment of care needs
  • Assistance with personal care
  • Assistance with mobility
  • Assistance with nourishment
  • Cleansing and bandaging of wounds
  • Providing for patients receiving care in bed
  • Metaphysical support
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Outpatient Christian Science Nursing

Outpatient nursing services are offered on-site at Sunland for those individuals who have an immediate or ongoing need that requires bandaging or other physical assistance and requires a short amount of time.  It is available day or night for individuals who can come to the facility. It is advisable to call ahead to make arrangements for yourself or the one you are transporting. At least one parent or guardian must accompany small children and minors.

Christian Science Outpatient nursing care includes:

  • Cleansing and bandaging
  • Assistance/Instruction with temporary mobility issues

Rates, Admissions, Insurance & Policies

These facilities are highly valued for providing a peaceful and loving environment where the patient’s dependence on God is fully supported and healing is expected.

Rest & Study

We invite Christian Scientists to enjoy our rest and study accommodations.  In this supportive environment one can focus on active spiritual renewal that comes from quiet communion with God.

Rest and Study guests enjoy a private room, bath, and three meals each day.

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