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Christian Science Nursing Care

Christian Science nursing facilities are located throughout the world and offer a sanctuary for those relying on scientific prayer for healing as explained in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.  Christian Science nurses are continuously on duty supporting healing in Christian Science and meeting the practical physical needs of patients. These facilities are highly valued for providing a peaceful and loving environment where the patient’s dependence on God is fully supported and healing is expected.

Admission Policies

Sunland Home welcomes all calls for Christian Science nursing care, knowing that God is caring for man and that there is a present, practical, and loving answer to every need.

These are our policies for all patients:

  • You must be actively practicing Christian Science with expectation of whole and complete healing through prayer.
  • You must be free of the use of all medication and/or medical devices.
  • You must be working daily with a Christian Science practitioner who is currently listed in The Christian Science Journal.
  • Minor patients, under 18 years of age, must be accompanied by an adult who remains at the facility with him/her.  Both parents must agree that Christian Science nursing care be given.


Rates are based on the assessment of care needs during admission.  It is our policy that no person be deprived of the blessing of Christian Science nursing care for financial reasons.  Benevolence opportunities are available.

Sheltered Living Rates

Single occupancy, room, board, and supplies

Single room with chair

Sheltered Living 1

Light Christian Science nursing care, up to 1.5 hours per day

Sheltered Living 2

Light Christian Science nursing care, up to 2.5 hours per  day

Sheltered Living 3

Light Christian Science nursing care, up to 3 hours per day

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Inpatient Rates

  • Care provided predominantly by a Journal-listed Christian Science nurses
  • Single occupancy, room, board, and supplies
  • For all levels of Christian Science care, additional care may be billed at $55 an hour.
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Christian Science Care 1

Christian Science nursing care, up to 3.5 hours per day

Christian Science Care 2

Christian Science nursing care, up to 4.5 hours per day

Christian Science Care 3

Christian Science nursing care, up to 5.5 hours per day

Christian Science Nursing Care

Christian Science nursing care, up to 8.5 hours per day

Christian Science Nursing Care

Christian Science nursing care, up to 10.5 hours per day

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                                  Outpatient Christian Science Nursing Care

Please call us at:

(760) 944-2976

Christian Science Care: $70.00 per 30 minutes or portion thereof.

Please note that additional nursing supplies will be billed separately.

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Rest and Study Rates

Single occupancy includes 3 meals

Double occupancy includes 3 meals

Admission Procedures

We strive to make the admission process as quick and easy for you as possible.

When you arrive at Sunland, the patient or a designated representative will fill out and sign an admission application and agreement. Patients will require the following:

  1. Medicare card
  2. Social Security card
  3. Photo I.D.
  4. Advance Health Care Directive
  5. Any applicable health insurance cards and/or information

To apply, complete the application form with link below. To inquire about admission, please call our main line: (760) 944-2976. We'll be happy to help.



If you have Medicare benefits, you can use them at our facility if you meet the following conditions:

  • Your condition would qualify under Medicare Part A for inpatient services
  • Your care covers inpatient hospital services and post-hospital extended care services furnished in qualified RNHCIs under Medicare.
  • The care you need requires the judgment, skill, and oversight of a fully trained Journal-listed Christian Science nurse.

Medicare Advantage Plan/Health Maintenance Organization

An HMO will not prevent you from coming to Sunland, but you should be aware that an HMO requires you to obtain prior authorization from your assigned physician to come to Sunland, or payment may be denied.

Advance Health Care Directive

An Advance Health Care Directive (AHCD) allows you to specify another adult to communicate and make healthcare decisions for you if you’re incapacitated. It also allows you to give specific directions about the type of healthcare that you wish to receive for healing and treatment.

For a Christian Scientist, having such a document prepared and in effect, prior to a time of need, is especially important. That’s because an AHCD also allows you to state in a legally-recognized way your desire to receive healthcare in accord with the theology and practice of Christian Science, and to refuse medical treatment.

Another benefit is that you may have an individual or a legal representative sign a Medicare Election Form in order to use Medicare benefits to pay for Christian Science nursing.

Advance Health Care Directive forms are available at Sunland at no charge.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) is designed to protect the confidentiality of the care, treatment and billing records of a patient or resident of facilities such as hospitals and Christian Science Nursing facilities.

A key element of HIPAA is that you have the right to access and control your own personal records. Sunland is committed to complying with HIPAA, not only because it is the law—but also because we treasure you and your privacy.

For more information about your rights and choices through HIPAA, click below to download the PDF.

Want to know more?

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