Daily Bread Fund

Give us our God-given grace – patient for the occasion to bless...

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Sunland Home is the ongoing expression of Mary Baker Eddy’s Church Manual provision for Christian Science nursing, and the collective demonstration of the community we serve. To this end the Daily Bread Fund has been established.

The on-going sustainability of Sunland Home requires financial solvency, a practical requirement which helps to ensure the continued option and availability of Christian Science nursing facility in our community.  Income from patients does not cover the total operational costs of Sunland. Thoughtful contributions make up the difference.

Steady, reliable contributions from our community to this unrestricted fund are vital and allow for more effective planning as this fund covers our highest fiscal priorities. Contributions to the Daily Bread Fund are essential to maintain our day-to-day operations, including capital improvements. For your convenience, donations can be securely made on our website:  www.sunland.org

The privilege of having a Christian Science nursing facility in our community can’t be overstated. Presently, there are only 17 accredited Christian Science nursing facilities within the United States.

Sunland Home exists because you value a place where you are free to have a healing through the practice and application of Christian Science. Christian Science nursing supports the fulfillment of the divine promise of comfort which embraces all mankind in the reflection of Love.