$100,000 Matching Grant

Since March of 2020, while navigating all the impositions of rigorous COVID protocols at Sunland, patient admissions were significantly restricted, and our ability to bring in out-of-state temporary Christian Science nurses – essential for patient care – was greatly diminished. Our operational income (which is revenue derived from patient billings) resulted in a loss for the year totaling just over $400,000. And our non-operating income (which is revenue derived from contributions) reflected a loss totaling just over $150,000.

This financial challenge has given Sunland a great deal to work and pray about. And it has given us the opportunity to understand man’s true purpose. To walk with God.  To move in full accord with Spirit.  Man’s whole being keeps pace with – is never parted from – divine Love.  He takes unending and uninterrupted steps of progress.

And in light of this truth, Sunland Home is pleased to announce the launch of a new $100,000 Matching Grant that will provide significant financial aid in meeting our practical need- to restore financial solvency.   Contributions to this Grant will be matched dollar for dollar, with the expectation of reaching our total anticipated goal of $200,000.

We appreciate your thoughtful consideration of this specific, important, and timely ASK. Contributions can be mailed to Sunland Home or made securely through PayPal on our website…www.sunland.org

While this past year may have brought with it one of the greatest financial and practical challenges Sunland has faced in decades, more importantly, during this time, through unceasing communion with God, “sheltering in place” took on inspiring meaning.  Biblical examples of ‘sheltering in place’ exemplify magnificent outcomes and great blessings.  Moses in the wilderness received the Ten Commandments.  And the ultimate ‘sheltering in place’ – Jesus in the tomb.  He proved through his reappearance that “There is no life truth, intelligence nor substance in matter.”  That All is infinite Mind and it’s infinite manifestation.”

Sunland Home remains deeply committed to meeting the care needs of our Christian Science community. Our simple but profound vision is to support healing.